More than just an event, our award winning live experiences consist of the sum of all points of contact between your brand and consumer and as such are known as the brand experience.

From strategic concept to live reality, we know that it is critical each brand experience delivers against your targets. Whether it’s a bespoke activation owned exclusively by you, or collaboration with one or more affinity partners, our expert team carefully integrate your product into the fabric of the event offering customers a personalized connection with your brand in the perfect setting.

At Interluxe, seamless implementation is our focus. From one-to-one appointments with VIPs, to global product launches, business conferences or driving programs, our team is adept at faultless execution and are experts when it comes to continuing a focused on-message conversation with your customers on site.

Once live, we ensure any brand experience is further amplified by generating captivating content for platforms through the line. Whether its attendees sharing their own experiences via social media or an experience that is filmed for a TV ad, we ensure any encounter we create is utilized to full effect within your wider marketing mix.

Post activation, we continue to maintain this dialogue and include unique personal touches to ensure relationships are cemented. This approach, when paired with measurable results provides a various and detailed feedback in order to best demonstrate return on investment.

The first touch point for any experience is delivered through the pre-event communications. As such, these must all reflect the premium nature of the impending event. At Interluxe, creating the right first impression is a marriage of superb customer service, inspired design and relevant technology. This functions to provide a personalized, memorable and efficient process each and every time.

Our dedicated concierge team understands the importance not just in ensuring key information is shared in a timely and efficient manner, but in the investment of building relationships with each and every customer. Understanding what is important to them – from remembering birthdays to wedding anniversaries, we take the time to get to know your customers and ensure that any encounter they have with your brand feels personal to them.

Our team work to create unique and engaging corporate incentive travel programs designed specifically for your audience that deliver maximum return on investment. Working closely with your internal teams we ensure your programs’ objectives and messaging is communicated effectively to attendees.

Our established and extensive network of DMC’s (Destination Management Companies) ensures we have global coverage alongside unrivalled access to some of the most coveted venues around the world. Our existing relationships allow us to negotiate the best rates on hotels, flights, transfers and hospitality, in addition to a bespoke program of activities that will motivate and inspire.

The rise of digital marketing has seen the reciprocal growth of the brand experience remit. Our clients still ask us to create brand-relevant, immersive and unique encounters that connect with their audience, but the growing importance of generating content for digital platforms has added another strand to our responses.

Once live, we ensure our brand experiences are shareable events that are further amplified by generating captivating content for platforms through the line.

Whether its consumers sharing their own experiences via social media or an experience that is seeded, the role of the brand experience has become central to many digital media campaigns.

We believe that when it comes to live activations, nothing counts more than experience.

At Interluxe we have spent years developing an extensive international network of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who as well as being experts in their field, are all fully briefed on your brand and product before any live activation.

Whether you are speaking to one of our seasoned Brand Ambassadors, dedicated Event Managers, knowledgeable Product Specialists, or highly qualified Driving Instructors, you are in the company of an experienced specialist and, equally as importantly, an expert on your brand.

Taking your product to the consumer is fast becoming the most effective way to achieve customer mindshare and ensure they engage with your brand in an environment that leads to a long lasting relationship.

Our field teams have activated across fifty major markets within the US and Canada in addition to producing flagships events across the European markets thanks to partner and supplier relationships that extend globally. So whether it’s a new product launch or a rolling prospect acquisition program, our teams in the field are experts at creating on message brand experiences and engaging with local markets on the ground wherever they are in the world.

We understand just how critical it is to unveil a new product in the right way, and the lasting impact a launch can have on the success of your brand. A successful launch will attract new customers as well as reaffirm your relationship with existing ones, while delivering exponential media impressions. Done well, a product launch will build sales momentum and will ultimately enable your brand to grow and prosper.

Whether it manifests itself as a live activation or a digital communication piece; our expert team has a unique range of expertise that will ensure your new product is shared in the best possible way and that it gets the attention it deserves before, during and after launch.

Our experience of working with a range of venues around the world has seen us deliver memorable activations in places and spaces never before accessed by the experiential industry. From palaces in Morocco to private estates in the Hamptons, we have facilitated unique encounters in breathtaking settings.

In addition to these extraordinary independent venues, our strong relationships with international realty and hotel groups across the US and Europe ensures we are up to date with how they look and perform and allows us the best possible arrangement on your venue costs.