We know that truly great design creates work that is innovative, inspiring and effective.

To ensure the smoothest of transitions from strategy to creation, our design process flows directly from the heart of our approach. By factoring in all that we have learnt about your brand, we are able to develop tailored environments and communication pieces that your target audience will remember and react to.

As the first touch point, we believe pre-event communication is vital to getting the right guests on the right path to a live activation; setting the tone for the impending experience.

We’re focused on bringing a higher aesthetic to every type of business communication and infuse each one with intelligent, captivating design that can be traced back to your brands core.

When it comes to designing a live activation, whether it’s an intimate dinner staged from a private home or a 360 brand experience center, we work to create unique environments that facilitate memorable encounters. This approach allows us to have positive, direct dialogue, regardless of the engagement level.

We believe that for an idea to be great it must not only be creative but it must be able to gain results from that creativity.

At Interluxe our in-house creative team is dedicated to the creative design and development of digital, print and branding solutions that work to deliver results.

From initial ‘big idea’ conceptual thinking to perfecting the smallest detail on a bespoke dinner menu, our tailored communication pieces are consistently working in synergy with our strategic approach, ensuring that every image and word that goes live is positioned to facilitate the desired response from your consumers.

Our dedicated team has a wealth of international experience in the design of highly individual display solutions that create cutting edge, high-impact experiences.

From initial sketched concepts to detailed plans and 3D renders, we ensure that your exhibition stand is completely in line with our strategic approach and works within its environment to deliver return on investment for your brand. As unique as they are compelling, thanks to our expert fabrication team Interluxe exhibitions are also always seamlessly constructed on time and within budget.