Interluxe takes pride in approaching your brand’s needs and challenges differently.

We study your history and engage the culture behind your brand. We spend time understanding your big picture view, competitive advantages, consumer perception and tactical or executional limitations.

Interluxe gets in the trenches of your business to understand how it operates. We want to know your strengths to identify opportunities, more importantly we want to know your problems to craft and execute solutions, with results.

We understand the complexities of marketing within the luxury sector are many; in this era of social media the impact of a significant thought leaders opinion can often be as powerful as that generated by a class leading brand.

We believe the perfect affinity partnership pairs likeminded brands and influential individuals to start a dialogue with customers they had previously not had access to; this approach allowing each of them to achieve something mutually beneficial that neither could do alone.

At Interluxe our clients see and understand the value in these relationships, and trust us to manage them exclusively on their behalf. Our knowledge of their business and our understanding of their priorities means that we are able to deliver inspired ideas when it comes to ways to connect them to the right people; achieve meaningful results. Whether its prospect acquisition, product placement or content development, our partnerships create long term and measurable value for all parties involved.

Our experience has shown us that the path to repeat purchase is strengthened by customer nurture and appreciation.

We understand the importance of maintaining the conversation with your customers after purchase, and are experts at ensuring it remains carefully cultivated. Our loyalty programs offer customers the opportunity to engage with your brand across various touch points. A combination of access to unique experiences, the latest information and the people that shape your brand, ensures your customers remain part of your brand family. From this, a platform is born to harness a passionate community and ultimately ensure repeat purchase.

Additionally our loyalty programs have been proven to generate new prospects through brand advocacy and amplification. By sending devoted customers out into their communities to share their own positive experiences we create a new and credible voice for your brand within the luxury community.

We will work to create and implement marketing strategies centered on the core of your business, your products and your target market. After exploring and understanding the make up of your brand, our team is focused on developing a bespoke marketing plan that determines the most effective marketing messages, tailored targeting and unique implementation strategies to ensure your activations generate extraordinary results.

We understand that starting a positive conversation with the right new-to-brand prospect is often the hardest part of acquiring customers for any business.

At Interluxe, we know where to find your target market and have a direct means of reaching them through our extensive network of contacts. From affinity partnership, to customer referral, our programs obtain and leverage the attention of the right prospects for your brand through a bespoke combination of platforms.

The end result is the engagement of true prospects through unique encounters that captures their imagination, ensuring they become your brand ambassadors within their sphere of influence.

We understand the value of the relationship between a customer and their retailer. It is crucial to their ongoing affiliation with a brand and is the bedrock of any future engagement or purchase.

In this age of the online customer, declining footfall to retail stores has lead to a decrease of engagement between brands and their customers on a national level, and a reduction in sales for individual stores across the globe. Consequently, driving people back to store is to the benefit of brands both regionally and locally, but this can only be achieved by providing customers with something in store that they would otherwise miss out on. At Interluxe, we are experts at creating multi-sensory store experiences for luxury brands that drive people through the doors to engage with you face to face.

Our extensive experience working in retail environments across the US and Europe has provided us with understanding and insight into the challenges and nuances of marketing regionally and locally. Always aware of a brands national or global mindset, we work on a scale that is still financially viable for you.