As part of the launch of its latest class leading yacht, Sea Ray asked Interluxe to facilitate a series of elite gatherings for their existing customers and new-to-brand prospects across the East Coast yachting market. Inviting guests to attend an exclusive first-to-view opportunity where they could experience the Sea Ray L-Class first hand.

The Sea Ray L-Class Coastal Tour demonstrated Sea Ray’s reaffirmed dominance in the marketplace, while providing their affinity partners with an exclusive opportunity to engage their customers.

Interluxe conceptualized and delivered the complete program, as well as securing over $80,000 in sponsorship funds and multiple listed properties valued at a total of $95 million. The tour managed over 500 enquires through the dedicated Concierge, and saw a total attendance of 430 guests. The Sea Ray L-Class was exposed to over 130 new-to-brand prospects and 4 yachts were sold, as a direct result of the event program.